TREE CARE SERVICES- From tree pruning to tree cable and bracing, we have your tree care needs covered.


As experienced and ISA certified arborists we offer unparalleled quality of tree work. Continue reading below to find out more about the specific tree services in Vancouver

Arborist tree services


Arborist reports are required if you are submitting development plans, applying for a tree permit or for any reason you require expert opinion on your trees in written form. We have ISA Certified Arborists and Qualified Tree Risk Assessors on staff who will inspect your trees and provide an independent and unbiased report for your project. Contact us and let us know your needs.

Tree removal services


Our mission is to sustain the beautiful urban forest of the Lower Mainland. However, it is sometimes necessary to remove trees that are dead, dangerous or causing property damage.

Cascadia Tree Care have the skills and equipment to carry out tree removals safely and efficiently. We use the latest rigging and lowering techniques to eliminate property damage. We can cut stems for firewood, leave habitat poles to encourage bird nesting, or if required we can remove all material from site.

Municipalities have bylaws governing which trees can and can't be removed. If you have a tree you would like removed we recommend doing some research into this on your City's website, or contacting us directly for advice.


We are ISA certified arborists, offering the highest quality tree care services through maintainig our industry code of ethics and best working practices.


In certain conditions trees can grow in such a way that they become unstable. There may be a danger of a limb or stem failing due to a weak union, or becoming too end-heavy with growth. Loss of a large limb or stem can render the remaining tree unstable, or leave a large wound that the tree may or may not recover from.

Often there are solutions and the stem or limb can be saved with a combination of pruning and the installation of a support cable or brace. Cabling and bracing is a highly cost effective way of maintaining a safe tree and prolonging its life. It is incredibly rewarding to see mature trees preserved where the alternative solution would have been removal.

Arborist services
Arborist climbing a tree


Trees bring so many benefits such as shade, shelter, wildlife, noise reduction and increased property value. There are many factors that can impact their health such as drought, storms or changes in drainage due to construction. The affects are often not obvious until years later and then it may be too late. 'Stressed' trees are less capable of fending off fungal or bacterial disease. It is important to monitor your trees and form a tree maintenance plan to ensure they remain safe and in good health.

A thorough inspection from the ground to the top of the tree crown by a certified arborist will provide insight and understanding of the state of your trees, and enable us to recommend effective maintenance strategies.

We have ISA Certified Arborists and Qualified Tree Risk Assessors on staff who will access and inspect the necessary parts of the tree and provide photos, verbal advice or a complete Arborist Report on the condition of your trees. 

Get in touch via our contact page to schedule a visit and discuss your requirements for tree health inspection.


Trees contribute to our environment by producing oxygen, conserving water, preserving and enhancing soil structure, providing shade keeping us cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, absorbing carbon dioxide, providing habitat for wildlife, they produce fruit and nuts, they reduce noise pollution, increase property value, kids love to play in them. The list of benefits goes on and on!

Planting a tree is a simple act, it’s rewarding and it’s a selfless gift to future generations. Wether you are required to replant after a tree removal, or you just love trees like us, we provide advice on species selection, placement, watering and maintenance and of course, a complete tree planting service.

Get in touch via our contact page to schedule a visit and discuss your tree planting requirements.

Planting a tree
Hedge trimming services


Hedges form an important component of green space management and aesthetics within properties. There are a range of different species which can and are used to create hedges and each species is managed differently to ensure that it sustains a healthy and thick layer of growth whilst looking sharp, neat and presentable.

Hedges have also been known to get out of control resulting in lost views or un-happy neighbours. We are experienced and well equipped to work with and manage all types of hedges. Please contact us with your hedge trimming requirements. 


We take our work and the environment seriously and we always look to minimize our impact by retaining, recycling or re-using the log wood and woody debris that results from tree cutting. If you are looking for wood chips for your landscaping or other needs please contact us and we will add you to our list of chip drop customers. The best thing is you get high quality wood chip for FREE! We save money on dumping fees and the wood resource is put to good use.

When we have to remove trees we try to retain a proportion of the stem for wildlife habitat creation. Where this is not possible we either take the log wood to be milled to be built into furniture or we cut it up into firewood. If you are interested in FREE firewood please contact us and we will add you to our list of firewood clients. 

Firewood and woodchips